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Hargrove has developed a team of project managers with a proven record for delivering an array of comprehensive management solutions to overcome various project challenges. Hargrove utilizes the Construction Industry Institute's best practices to plan and execute all phases of the project.

We recognize the importance of having strong project management to communicate with your team, align project goals, develop comprehensive schedules, manage resources and information, make decisions in your best interest, meet project benchmarking, provide  value-added solutions, and facilitate project close out. That’s why we approach project management as a systematic process that starts at identifying project success factors and ends at successful construction, commission, and operations. 

Good project management breaks down the project workload into manageable elements including project scope, quality schedules, material procurement, safety and risk, relative cost, personnel resources, communication, reporting, and integration. We have a comprehensive suite of project management procedures and tools that cover project conception through startup and are scalable based on project size and need. 

Hargrove has the flexibility to align with our clients' phase/gate process and procedures but follows our own internal phase/gate process if one does not exist. This process begins with a front end, feasibility, and conceptual phases followed detail design and construction.  Our project managers are trained to align with our clients' phase-specific deliverables and typically develop project cost estimate packages which progressively becomes more accurate – +/-50%, +/-25%, +/-10% in the design phase.  

We review each project’s execution plan, construction estimate and overall schedule with senior management at various points during each phase prior to presenting this information to the client. Once these documents and the project are approved to proceed by the client, we move the team into the next phase. Throughout the project's life, our project managers are constantly communicating with your project leadership and assessing the team’s experience/capabilities, deploying subject matter experts when needed successfully deliver each project.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Small Project Program Management
  • Major Capital Projects
  • Feasibility + Concept through Construction Management + Startup
  • Scope Definition
  • Alignment of Expectations
  • Risk Management
  • Multi-discipline Coordination
  • Project Execution Planning
  • Estimating, Scheduling, and Cash Flow Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Finance
  • Resource Planning
  • Quality Management
  • Communication with Client Project Management, Operations, and Maintenance
  • Project Closeout

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