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Our clients' projects represent an investment, and we consider it a privilege to manage the purchasing effort and bring value to projects — ensuring equipment, materials, and services arrive on time and meet their expectations.

Hargrove Engineers + Constructor's purchasing specialists offer a full range of services including Request for Quote (RFQ),Purchase Order (PO) award, expediting, and logistics. Our staff is trained in the various ERP/MRP software systems including SAP, Ariba, Deltek Vision, and others. Our team is skilled in international procurement and leverages our relationships to provide value and quality. We have expertise in trading in foreign currencies, logistics including ocean freight, knowledge of INCO terms, and customs requirements.

Hargrove develops a contracting plan for each client, and uses our procedures to support clients with quote requisition, contracting plans, procurement status reporting, RFQ submittal and analysis, requisitions, approval, awards, PO/SO administration, value chain benefits, expediting, closeout, and single event contracting. Material items purchased on behalf of our clients include but are not limited to pumps, valves, pipe, tanks, mixers, electrical equipment, fans, conveyors, pressure vessels and a variety of bulk materials. We also procure project-related services where Hargrove is acting as the agent for our client.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Qualify Suppliers - Domestic + International
  • Develop/Issue Inquiry Packages
  • Technical + Commercial Evaluations
  • Purchase Recommendations
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Materials
  • Generate Awards
  • Expediting + Inspection Services
  • Integration with Owner Systems
  • SAP
  • Maximo
  • Ariba®
  • Systems Based Reporting
  • Material Management
  • Contract Management
  • Logistics
  • Strategic Sourcing Plans

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