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The electrical and instrumentation team at Hargrove works with our clients to optimize their facilities power and energy infrastructure and develop industrial control systems.

We provide support for planning and feasibility studies, alternative studies, detailed design, total installed cost estimates, shut-down support and checkout, and start-up. Our designs reflect the optimal, cost-effective solutions while meeting industry standards.

Hargrove team members have extensive experience in plant environments and understand the importance of developing solutions to meet your system requirements, minimize outage durations, and maintain a high level of service continuity to your customers. Our projects range from site-wide electrical infrastructure studies and revamps to lighting improvements.

As recognized experts in plant power distribution, Hargrove helps our clients by analyzing their power systems and helping them understand and meet the requirements of NFPA-70E. Our experts on arc flash hazard evaluation and mitigation focus on keeping your team safe while maximizing your site's electrical system. We have a broad range of retrofit design and new electrical power system experience including transformer installations, motor control centers (MCC) installation and retrofits, switchgear installations, power and motor feeders, capacitor and reactor design, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system design, load shed system design, medium and high voltage motor control design, unit substation design, generators, lighting, and variable frequency drives (VFD's). In addition, Hargrove can assist with steam, gas, biofuels, and combination power systems, and has a positive track record of integrating power generation systems with industrial facilities, waste recovery, environmental support, and operations and maintenance.

Hargrove stays on the cutting edge of technological advancements in instrumentation to best advise our clients. We work with you to optimize existing installations to improve quality and decrease productions times using advanced technology and optimization of existing instrumentation. We know the importance of designing and installing Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) and instrumentation that meets your rigorous safety requirements. Hargrove's expertise includes distributed control systems for all areas of industry.

We work within the project execution team to ensure proper design of fiber optics, grounding, lightning protection, analyzer/CEMs, emergency power, security and alarm systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, field instrumentation, and electrical drawings to deliver projects to the field. We specialize in new equipment check out and start up as well as outage planning and coordination with our full-service commissioning and startup team. Hargrove's controls + automation team integrates with our electrical and instrumentation team, and we have the capability to design and build panels that meet your projects specification.

Electrical and instrumentation engineers as well as technical specialists can work with your P&IDs, instrument indexes, I/O lists, loop drawings, junction box drawings, control panel drawings, data sheets, control valve and meter sizing, control philosophy documents, procedures and manuals, Smart Plant Instrumentation (SPI) databases, and technical specifications to meet the specific needs of your facility.


Areas of Expertise

  • Power Distribution Analysis and Design
  • Power Generation, Monitoring & Control
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash Compliance
  • Field Engineers and Technicians
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Design
  • Security and Alarm Systems
  • Field Instrumentation Specifications
  • Emergency Power and Lighting Systems
  • Substations
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Analyzer/CEMs Installations
  • Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection
  • Control System Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Fiber Optics
  • Electrical Drawings, Specifications and Manuals
  • Procedure Writing

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