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Hargrove’s safety culture protects and promotes the well-being of every person who works with us and every person touched by our work.

Our clients set high standards for safety and expect the same from their engineering and construction partners.

Hargrove’s award-winning safety performance reflects the care and awareness of our team’s own safety and the safety of our partners and customers.

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, from conducting job hazard analysis to holding interdisciplinary safety-in-design reviews on projects to facilitating process safety management on behalf of our clients. Our culture is based on a proactive methodology of incorporating mindful work procedures and leadership from every level of the organization. We operate as a team to create workplaces that are healthful and free from all incident and injury.

When visiting our client’s sites, each person is expected to perform a hazard analysis, interact with client representatives to align on any current or unusual hazards and communicate any that we identify. They also must adhere to any safety training, certification and site-specific rules that our clients require. We empower teammates at every level with “stop work authority” if they perceive a concern for another person’s safety. Our safety culture is based on the notion of “Safety 24/7,” meaning that we strive to exercise risk assessment/mitigation in all aspects of their lives, not only while at work.

Mitigating risk to the safety of our clients, the community and the environment is the highest priority of our design effort. This is accomplished by employing recognized and industry accepted design standards and codes as well as ensuring OSHA and EPA rules are integrated into our designs.

Hargrove leads the Process Safety Management (PSM) efforts by identifying and evaluating risks due to hazards from chemicals in combination with design/technology and equipment. The Process Safety Team coordinates work with all disciplines to ensure a complete and seamless design and installation of PSM-covered chemicals. We also utilize constructability and safety in design reviews using the 3D modeling to assist in identifying hazards. In addition to Process Safety Engineering, we program, configure, test, and implement Safety Instrumented Systems.

Our team’s extensive experience in the operations enables us to understand specific hazards and best practices in operability, distinguishing us from other firms.

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