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Safety Compliance

The General Duty Clause section 5(a)(1) of the OSHA act requires that all employers provide employees with a workplace that is free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious injury. This general statement of responsibility is imperative for OSHA compliance yet new and changing safety standards leave how to satisfy the specific requirements ambiguous, especially for the industrial process industries.

Implementing and maintaining a PSM program for compliance requires expertise in OSHA recognized international safety standards including IEC 61508, IEC 61511 / ISA 84, and IEC 62061.


The Role of Safety Instrumented Systems in Industrial Facilities

Industrial environments pose many unique risks to the safety and wellbeing of employees and the surrounding community and environment. Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) play an essential role in providing a protective layer around industrial process systems. Its purpose is to identify a specific hazard when pre-determined set points are breached and take the process back to a "safe-state."

Whether working on upgrading an industrial facility or building a new greenfield facility, designing, installing and maintaining “failsafe” control systems and instrumentation is of the utmost importance. Establishing a Process Safety Management (PSM) program requires qualified experts in industrial safety systems and regulatory compliance. Beyond instituting a PSM program, maintaining and testing safety systems and practices should be an ongoing process to ensure that the safety processes and systems function as intended over its operational life.

Why Hargrove?

Hargrove’s Safety Culture protects and promotes the wellbeing of each person who works with us and each person touched by our work. Hargrove’s SIS Specialists and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) facilitators are seasoned and highly-trained, having completed the industry’s most rigorous and comprehensive Functional Safety Training Program to earn certification as TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety (FS) Engineers.

Our Team has many years of experience in the practical application of industry standards; we design and implement safety systems in the process industries daily (refining, petrochemicals, chemicals, oil and gas, and manufacturing). With senior members of our Team participating members of safety standard committees, we have a thorough understanding of industry standards and stay abreast of the ever-evolving regulatory requirements. Our Certified Functional Safety Engineers have developed a meticulous methodology for process safety, adhering to IEC 61508 / 61511, ANSI/ISA-61511-2018, and the entire Safety Lifecycle.

From building new systems, studying legacy systems, and recommending the most impactful safety changes, our team works with you to meet your safety needs. The Team at Hargrove includes:

  • Process design engineers
  • Electrical and instrumentation engineers
  • Electrical and instrumentation designers
  • Control system engineers
  • Safety experts

Hargrove provides the full range of SIS design and implementation services. From program development to mitigation, reporting, and procedure writing, our Team can help ensure your facility meets regulatory requirements and best in class safety guidelines.

Hargrove Process Safety Lifecycle Capabilities & Support

Hargrove performs hazard and operability studies (HAZOP) and layers of protection analyses (LOPA), participates in design reviews, calculates probability of failure on demand (PFD), performs criticality analyses, and tests on new systems. We help our clients install and maintain “failsafe” control systems for the full Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) – logic, actuators, sensors, and other control equipment independent of your basic process control system to ensure SIS functionality is not compromised.

Our Team assists our clients with:

  • HAZOP/PHA Studies
  • LOPA (Layers of Protection Analysis)
  • SIF/SIL Selection
  • SRS Documentation
  • Evaluation of New or Existing Installs
  • Instrument and Final Element Selection
  • SIL Calculations
  • Standard Compliance Evaluations
  • SIS Programming
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Proof Testing and Validation
  • SIS/DCS Integration
  • Burner Management Systems (BMS)
  • Maintenance and Testing Procedures

We are experienced in a wide variety of platforms including HIMA, Invensys Triconex, Emerson DeltaV SIS, Rockwell AADvance and GuardLogix, Honeywell Safety Manager, Honeywell Fail Safe Controller (FSC), Burner Management Systems (BMS), Yokogawa ProSafe, Siemens Step7 Safety and Siemens (Moore) QUADLOG and more.

With Hargrove, you get the right experience from the right people in system integration working alongside you to meet and exceed your expectations. Working together as One Team – that's Hargrove.

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