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Hargrove Sponsors Da Vinci Engineering Exhibit

Feb 10, 2016

Hargrove Engineers + Constructors has partnered with the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center to sponsor a traveling exhibition called Da Vinci: Machines and Robots, running February 10, 2016, through May 15, 2016. This exhibit will highlight not only da Vinci’s artistic and scientific talent, but also his creative genius, and the ties between his life’s work and the world of engineering we know today.

This exhibit afforded Hargrove an opportunity to provide a unique cultural experience to the city of Mobile while simultaneously supporting an educational outlet that reflects its engineering-minded goals and objectives. The exhibit is geared toward students with hands-on creative stations and instructor-led workshops. It also includes reproductions of some of da Vinci’s most famous sketches and paintings and rare facsimile codices. Guests of all ages can learn the mechanics behind simple machines such as gears, levers and the humble screw, all through the lens of da Vinci’s methodology.

“It is incredibly exciting to have an exhibit like this come to Mobile,” said Roy Duncan, PE, Mobile Operations Leader for Hargrove. “Considering da Vinci’s influence on engineering and innovation, this sponsorship was a natural fit for us.” 

The exhibit features more than 60 machines, robotic parts, and artworks, along with several pieces custom made for its time at the Exploreum, and was developed by the Artisans of Florence for the museum of Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy. Many of da Vinci’s original sketches will come to life on the Exploreum’s second floor in the form of interactive features and hand-crafted working models. 

Da Vinci’s groundbreaking insight into the fields of engineering, physics, and mathematics changed the course of history and paved the way for many of mankind’s greatest accomplishments. 

“Throughout history, engineering and creativity have been closely involved with one another,” continued Duncan. “No one exemplifies this more than da Vinci. His principles and practices inspire Hargrove’s team of engineers on a daily basis.”

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