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Continued Actions Against COVID-19 – August 2020

Hargrove continues to be proactive in our communications with our Team and our clients in the face of this pandemic. We have returned to most of our offices, with strict hygiene and sanitization protocols remaining in place for the foreseeable future. Throughout this challenging time, we have taken the necessary and prescribed steps to ensure the health and safety of our Teammates, our clients, and our families. We have implemented increased cleaning and sanitization practices, and we carefully monitor Teammate travel and onsite regulations. We also ask each of our Teammates to comply with self-monitoring, regular temperature scanning, and following all hygiene protocols such as washing hands frequently, social distancing, virtual meetings, and wearing facial coverings at all times when away from their desk.

Moving forward, if cases are reported in any of our offices, we immediately alert any affected Teammates, close the affected building for complete sanitizing, and Teammates with potential exposure return to a work from home structure for the recommended 14 day window. Travel is also restricted to/from any affected offices.

We continue to keep a close eye on how COVID-19 will impact our Team and our clients in the long-term, and continue to adjust our processes to ensure we remain the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time.

Hargrove Return to Office Staffing Plan

Hargrove Teammates have maintained a consistent workflow as the company has worked from home through our longstanding virtual-teaming practices, and we have implemented our Return to Office Plan! We are purposely taking a conservative approach to ensure the continued safety of our Team and our communities.

We will also continue to keep elevated hygiene practices and restrictions in place.

Some of the components of the plan are as follows:

  • Stage 1 Teammates will return 2 weeks after each state withdraws their respective “Stay at Home” orders.
  • Our first Teammates to transition back to the office will be based upon business necessity and critical projects up to 25% office capacity.
  • Stage 2 Teammates will return 2 weeks after stage 1 up to 50% office capacity.
  • Stage 3 Teammates will return 2 weeks after stage 2 up to 100% office capacity.

Our current protocol to have Teammates who are sick to remain at home will, of course, stay in place.

Teammates should refer to their Supervisors for more information as we transition together.

One Safe Team!


A Message to Our Clients

Hargrove continuously monitors the developments of COVID-19 and will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and state and local governmental entities in order to best protect our Team and yours.

As leaders, we want to enable our Team and our clients to adhere to the advisements from our government while maintaining the same level of excellence Hargrove is known to provide. 

In the face of COVID-19 uncertainty, we are proud to provide our clients with innovative solutions such as:

  • Complex Turnarounds (TARs)
  • Virtual Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Secure + Remote Monitoring of Process Control Systems
  • Laser Scanning and Drone Measurement Technology
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Support
  • Re-purposing of Existing Equipment and Operating Facilities
  • Resource Augmentation
  • New Project Scope Assistance
  • IT System Support + Work from Home (WFH) Deployment
  • Cybersecurity
  • Shutdown + Turnaround Planning
  • Commissioning + Startup
  • Industrial Hygiene

Hargrove remains committed to being your project execution firm of choice. Our services can help drive your success as market demands are rapidly changing. We understand that your project needs are often schedule-driven and that the solution is only "right" when it's on time and delivered safely – this hasn't changed.

Hargrove is uniquely prepared to continue providing project support using our well-established HELIX (Hargrove Expertise Linked for Interoffice Execution) virtual teaming methodology which we have been practicing for over 10 years. This process allows us to maximize our resources and serve you with expertise from Teammates across the country. Our communication is enhanced by shared software, robust data storage/transfer systems, and personal audio-video communication to facilitate interaction. Many of you have firsthand experience utilizing these tools on Hargrove projects – and we will continue to improve upon this process.
We are ready to help you navigate this evolving situation. If you have a challenge we can learn from or help you work through, please contact us or reach out to your primary Hargrove contact.

Hargrove's Actions Against COVID-19

Hargrove has issued the following specific directives in order to combat COVID-19:

  • Teammates must not report to work if symptomatic, diagnosed or having been in direct contact with someone who is symptomatic or have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus
  • Teammates have been instructed to remain at home for a period of no less than 14 days and to contact their medical provider if they become sick or symptomatic
  • All Teammates in this category must be cleared to return to work before permission is given to return to our workplace
  • As an additional step, we have sent out a separate directive to all Teammates who cohabitate with Medical Professionals so we can identify those who may be at a higher risk of infection. These Teammates will also be instructed to remain at home as appropriate for the health and safety of our Teammates and clients
  • Another current protocol implemented is to have all office visitors (including Teammates from other offices and badged delivery personnel) complete a COVID-19 questionnaire to identify and mitigate additional risks. Contact Us for an Office Visit Questionnaire >>
  • We have implemented a Work-from-Home Plan for Teammates as applicable, and are reviewing a staged Return-to-Work Plan for our next steps
  • No mass meetings (Safety, Lunch and Learns, etc..)
  • Virtual meetings preferred for all meetings
  • No mass meetings (Safety, Lunch and Learns, etc..)
  • Work confined to individual office buildings on multi-building campuses to limit exposure
  • Practice social distancing (min 6ft) from other people 
  • Follow client rules for onsite personnel and approved visits
  • Implemented CDC coronavirus cleaning and disinfection recommendations at our locations based upon our internal action plan
  • Implemented a COVID-19 client visit questionnaire to ensure the safety of our Teammates and clients Contact Us for an Client Visit Questionnaire >>
  • Implemented a Critical Travel Form for Essential Teammate Travel

Communication to all Teammates is ongoing, including regular briefings from our President and CEO, Ralph A. Hargrove.

These actions will be updated as necessary to address the changing impacts of COVID-19 and the reopening of the country in order to protect the well-being of our Teammates, their families and our clients.

We are One Team, ready to respond.